Compiler:   Joyce Takamine
e-mail:      RBA AT
Date:        February 22, 2018

This is the Rare Bird Alert for Thursday, February 21  sponsored by Denver
Field Ornithologists and the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies.

Highlight species include: (* indicates new information on this species)
NOTE:  The RBA is now using the new AOU checklist and the order of families
has changed.
Greater White-fronted Goose (El Paso, Jefferson, Washington, Weld)
BRANT (Arapahoe)
Trumpeter Swan (Fremont, Yuma)
Wood Duck (Prowers)
Greater Scaup (Jefferson, Weld)
White-winged Scoter (Arapahoe, Jefferson)
Long-tailed Duck (Montezuma)
Barrow’s Goldeneye (Adams, *El Paso, Montezuma, Weld)
Red-breasted Merganser (Montezuma)
Clark’s Grebe (Fremont)
Greater Roadrunner (*El Paso)
Sandhill Crane (Alamosa, Costilla, Kiowa, Mesa, Pueblo, Rio Grande)
Spotted Sandpiper (*Arapahoe, Mesa)
Mew Gull  (Weld)
California Gull (Adams, Archuleta, Kiowa, Larimer, *Mesa)
Iceland Gull (El Paso, Kiowa,  Pueblo)
Glaucous Gull (Kiowa)
Great Black-backed Gull (Pueblo)
YELLOW-BILLED LOON (Arapahoe, Jefferson)
Double-crested Cormorant (Otero, Pueblo)
American White Pelican (Otero, Weld)
Osprey (Larimer)
Northern Goshawk (Jefferson)
Swainson’s Hawk (Prowers)
Red-bellied Woodpecker (Washington)
Black Phoebe (Montrose)
Say’s Phoebe (Adams, Archuleta)
Chihuahuan Raven (Fremont)
Bushtit (Weld)
Pygmy Nuthatch (Broomfield)
Brown Creeper (Kiowa)
Winter Wren (Archuleta, Morgan)
Bewick’s Wren (Otero)
Eastern Bluebird (Washington)
Mountain Bluebird (*Weld)
Hermit Thrush (Washington)
Gray Catbird (Arapahoe)
Curve- billed Thrasher (El Paso)
Brown Thrasher (Otero)
Northern Mockingbird (Adams)
Bohemian Waxwing (Summit)
American Pipit (La Plata)
Rosy-Finch spec (Archuleta)
Common Redpoll (*Arapahoe, Denver)
Lapland Longspur (Kiowa)
McCown’s Longspur (Kiowa)
Green-tailed Towhee (Montrose)
Field Sparrow (Baca)
Vesper Sparrow (Larimer)
Sagebrush Sparrow (Mesa)
Savannah Sparrow (Weld)
Fox Sparrow (Larimer, Prowers)
Lincoln’s Sparrow (Archuleta, Larimer, Mesa)
Swamp Sparrow (*Boulder, La Plata)
White-throated Sparrow (Arapahoe, Otero, Prowers)
Harris’s Sparrow (Arapahoe, Denver, El Paso, Kiowa)
Brown-headed Cowbird (*El Paso, Weld)
Rusty Blackbird (Morgan)
Pine Warbler (*Larimer)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Arapahoe, Archuleta, Jefferson, Mesa, Otero,
Prowers, Pueblo)
Northern Cardinal (Otero, Prowers)

---On February 11 at Mann Nyholt Lake, Adam Vesely reported California Gull.
---On February 12 at Barr Lake Bird Conservancy of Rockies Office and below
dam, Colin Woolley reported Say’s Phoebe.
---On February 18 at Big Dry Creek OS, David Ely reported Northern
---On February 18 at South Platte River  Sand Creek mouth, Riley Morris
reported Black Phoebe.  This would be new county record if accepted.

---On February 16 on Hwy 17 near Hooper, James Loy reported 1100 Sandhill


---On February 16 at South Platte Reservoir, Chris Wood reported
White-winged Scoter, YELLOW-BILLED LOON, and Say’s Phoebe; Chris Wood
reported White-winged Scoter in SW  Bay (Jefferson).  On February 17 at
South Platte Reservoir, Meg Reck and Holden Maxfield reported White-winged
Scoter and YELLOW-BILLED LOON; Michelle Desrosiers and Colin Woolley
reported White-winged Scoter and YELLOW-BILLED LOON in SW bay (Jefferson).
On February 18 at South Platte Reservoir, Anna Lenshek reported
YELLOW-BILLED LOON.  On February 19 at South Plate Reservoir, Alan and
MaryLynne Ketcham reported YELLOW-BILLED LOON and Derek Lecy reported
White-winged Scoter and YELLOW-BILLED LOON.  On February 20 at South Platte
Reservoir, David Suddjian reported White-winged Scoter and YELLOW-BILLED
LOON.  Suddjian reported that the SW Bay was frozen.
---On February 20 at South Platte Park, Ben Sampson reported Yellow-rumped
Warbler near Nature Center.
---On February 14 at Ketring Park, Elaine Wagner and Doug Kibbe reported
Hermit Thrush and Gray Catbird.  On February 16 at Ketring Park in
Littleton, Doug Kibbe and Elaine Wagner reported BLACK BRANT.  On February
17 at Ketring Park in Littleton, Matt Crooks and several other birders
reported BLACK BRANT.  On February 18 at Ketring Park, Cheryl Teuton and
several other birders reported BLACK BRANT.  The BRANT was also seen at
neighboring Gallup Park.   On February 19 at Ketring Park, Alan and
MaryLynne Ketcham reported BRANT.
---On February 17 at Dahlia Hollow Park, Bez Bezuidenhout reported Pygmy
---On February 18 at Chapel Hill Memorial gardens, Jared Del Rosso reported
Harris’s Sparrow.
---On February 18 at Gallup Park in Littleton, Jared Del Rosso and
Christian Hagenlocher reported BLACK BRANT.
---On February 18 at St Mary’s Catholic Church lower area, David Suddjian
reported Say’s Phoebe
---On February 21 at Centennial Park, Edward Donnan reported Spotted
---On February 21 at Hawley Road, Doug Kibbe reported 18 Common Redpoll.

---On February 16 at Navajo Lake Sailboard beach, Kathy Mihm Dunning
reported California Gull.
---On February 16 at Pagosa Riverwalk, Kathy Mihm Dunning reported
Lincoln’s Sparrow and Winter Wren.  On February 17 at San Jan River Walk in
Pagosa Springs, Jason St Pierre and Ryan Votta reported Winter Wren and
Yellow-rumped Warbler.  On February 18 on San Juan River Walk in Pagosa
Springs, Ryan Votta reported Yellow-rumped Warbler and Jim Beatty reported
Winter Wren.
---On February 17 at Cat Creek, CR 700, Ben Bailey, Cedar Mcgrath, and Judy
Jones reported 75 Rosy-Finch and Say’s Phoebe.

---On February 17 at Pella Crossing OS, Steve Frye reported Swamp Sparrow.
---On February 20 and 21 at Pleasant View Soccer Field, Ernest Crvich
reported Swamp Sparrow.

---On February 16 on E Hwy 160 near Blanca, Emily Samuel reported 10
Sandhill Cranes.

---On February 17 at First Creek at DEN OS, Lorraine Lanning reported
Harris’s Sparrow in vegetation near Creek just east of Buckley.
---On February 21 near DIA on Hudson Road, Doug Kibbe reported 2 Common

---On February 15 at Monument Wastewater Treatment Plant, Chris  Brobin
reported pair of Barrow’s Goldeneye.  On February 21 at Monument Wastewater
Treatment Plant, Alan Versaw reported f Barrow’s Goldeneye.
---On February 16 on Chapel Hills Drive in Colorado Springs, Roger Massey
reported  Greater White-fronted Goose foraging on a front lawn.  On
February 17 on Chapel Hills Drive Joy and Leonard Lake reported Greater
White-fronted Goose on grassy bank across from library.   On February 18 on
Chapel Hills Drive, Susan Stover reported Greater White-fronted Goose.
---On February 17 at Reflection Pond, John Drummond, Alan and MaryLynne
Ketcham reported Greated White-fronted Goose.  On February 18 at Reflection
Pond, Richard Bunn reported Greater White-fronted Goose.
---On February 17 on Birdsall Road in Fountain, Alan and MaryLynne Ketcham
reported Curve-billed Thrasher and 2  Brown-headed Cowbirds.
---On February 21 at Birdsall Road Jim Merritt reported 3 Brown-headed
---On February 21 at Hanover Rd, Jim Merritt reported 2 Greater Roadrunners
near Hanover and Meridian.

---On February 17 at Brush Hollow Reservoir, Norm Lewis and Mike Serruto
reported 2 Trumpeter Swans and Clark’s Grebe.   On February 18 at Brush
Hollow Reservoir, Ginny Bergstrom reported 2 Trumpeter Swans and Clark’s
Grebe; Gwen Moore reported 2 Trumpeter Swans.  On February 19 at Brush
Hollow Reservoir, Joy and Leonard Lake and SeEtta Moss reported 2 Trumpeter

---On February 16 on Clear Creek trail from Golden to I-70, Chuck Aid and
Micahel Kiessig reported 3 Yellow-rumped (Audubon’s) Warblers.
---On February 16 at Clement Park and Johnson Reservoir, Thomas Holub
reported Greater White-fronted Goose.
---On February 16 at Harriman Lake Park, Chris Wood reported 14 Greater
---On February 19 at Bear Creek Green Belt S Kipling Pkwy to S Wadsworth
Blvd, Chris Wood reported Yellow-rumped (Audubon’s) Warbler foraging near
Wadsworth near the creek.
---On Februrary 19 at Ralston Creek at Croke, Steven Snyder reported
Northern Goshawk.

---On February 17 on CR 3E, Bill Kaempfer reported 2 Lapland Longspurs.
---On February 17 at Neenoshe Reservoir, Steve Mlodinow reported 4 Iceland
(Thayer’s) Gulls, 2 California Gulls, Glaucous Gull, and 4 McCown’s
---On February 17 at Upper queens/Neeskah Reservoir, Steve Mlodiow reported
110 Sandhill Cranes, California Gull, Lapland Longspur, 3 Harris’s
Sparrows, and Brown Creeper.

---On February 16 at Pastorius Reservoir, Kathy Mihm Dunning and Jason St.
Pierre reported American Pipit and Swamp Sparrow.

---On February 13 at Larimer County Landfill (restricted access), Joshua
Smith reported California Gull.  On February 17 at Larimer County Landfill
(restricted access), Chris Wood reported 2nd year California Gull.
---On February 16 on I-25 near Loveland, Gene Rutherford reported HARRIS’S
HAWK near Exit sign.   On February 18 near I-25 Loveland exit, Susan
Broderick reported the HARRIS’S HAWK flying over trees near Wyngate Hotel
on Ronald Reagan Blvd.
---On February 16 at Cottonwood Run NA Rec trail Wilson to Taft, Christine
Sparks reported Lincoln’s Sparrow.
---On February 17 at Dixon Reservoir, Jim Nachel reported Vesper Sparrow.
---On February 17 at Horsetooth Reservoir, Chris Wood reported 2 ad
California Gulls.
---On February 18 from Dixon Reservoir to Horsetooth Reservoir, Elaine
Leslie reported Osprey flying north to south.
---On February 18  - 21 at Wild Horse Birdfeeder in Loveland, John
Reichhardt reported Pine Warbler.
---On February 18 at Hillsdale Park in Berthoud, Christine and Richard
Sparks reported Lincoln’s Sparrow.
---On February 20 at CSU Environmental Learning Center, Derek Lecy reported
Red Fox Sparrow.

---On February 15 at Colorado River Isaland SWA, Glenn Pearson reported 2
California Gulls.
---On February 16 at Grand Junction Wildlife Area, Kathleen McGinley and
Mike Henwood reported 2 Lincoln’s Sparrows.  On February 20 at Grand
Junction WA, Ryan Claar reported Lincoln’s Sparrow along Gunnison Trail
near the end.
---On February 18 at State Line, Denise and Mark Vollmar reported 12
Sandhill Cranes and 3 Sagebrush Sparrows.
---On February 18 at Horsethief Canyon SWA, David Price and Eileen
Cunningham reported Spotted Sandpiper and Yellow-rumped (Audubon’s) Warbler.
---On February 21 at Highline Lake SP, Mike Henwood reported 3 California

---On February 14 at McPhee Reservoir Dolores End, Kathy Mihm Dunning
reported Long-tailed Duck.  On February 15 at Dolores Ponds (wastewater
plant) Jim Beatty reported f Long-tailed Duck in second pond past Dolores
wastewater treatment ponds.  On February 14 at West End, Jim Beatty
reported 2 f Red-breasted Mergansers.  On February 16 at Dolores Ponds
(Watewater Treatment Plant), Jason St Pierre and Eric Hynes reported
Long-tailed Duck and Barrow’s Goldeneye.  On February 19 at South arm of
McPhee Reservoir, Erik Hendrickson reported Long-tailed Duck and Barrow’s

---On February 15 at Marine Road Park, Susan Entsminger reported Black
Phoebe at edge of North Ponds and Green-tailed Towhee at South side of Park.

---On February 18 at Riverside Park (east section) in Fort Morgan, Chris
Wood and David Dowell reported Winter Wren and Rusty Blackbird.

---On February 17 at Rocky Ford SWA, David Dowell reported Brown Thrasher,
Yellow-rumped Warbler, White-throated Sparrow and 2 Northern Cardinals.
---On February 17 at Holbrook Reservoir, David Dowell reported 2
Double-crested Cormornats, 17 American White Pelicans and Bewick’s Wren.

--- On February 16 at Lamar Community College, Jane Stulp reported Red Fox
Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow, and 2 Northern Cardinals.  On February 18
at Lamar Community College, Jon Horn reported f Wood Duck, 4 Yellow-rumped
Warblers, and Northern Cardinal.
---On February 18 on Hwy 196 from Kornman to county line, Jon Horn reported
1st year light phase Swainson’s Hawk.

---On February 17 at Pueblo Reservoir South Marina, Jon Horn reported Great
Black-backed Gull.  On February 18 at Pueblo Reservoir, Robb Hinds reported
Great Black-backed Gull.  On February 19 at Pueblo Reservoir, Joy and
Leonard Lake reported Great Black-backed Gull and 8 Yellow-rumped Warblers.
---On February 19 at Whitewater Park in Pueblo, Lorna Megenity reported
Double-crested Cormorant and 6 Sandhill Cranes.

---On February 17 at Monte Vista NWR Hwy 15 Viewing Area, John W. Cobb
reported 120 Sandhill Cranes.  On February 19 at Monte Vista NWR, Bill
Schreitz reported 475 Sandhill Cranes.  On February 20 at Monte Vista NWR,
Jon Horn reported hundreds of Sandhill Cranes.

---On February 17 at Arapaho NF near Dillon, Helen Butts reported 120
Bohemian Waxwings.

---On February 18 at Prewitt Reservoir, Chris Wood reported 7 Greater
White-fronted Geese, Red-bellied Woodpecker, 9 Eastern Bluebirds, and
Hermit Thrush.

---On February 14 at LUNA Reservoir, Sean Fitzgerald reported Greater
Scaup.  On February 18 at LUNA Reservoir, Gene Rutherford reported 3
Greater Scaup (2m, 1f) and Brown-headed Cowbird.
---On February 16 in Bittersweek Park in Greeley, Matthias Sirch reported
---On February 17 at Behren Reservoir, Gene Rutherford reported Savannah
---On February 18 at St Vrain SP Great Egret Pond, Gene Rutherford reported
American White Pelican.
---On February 18 at Firestone Gravel Pits (view from road), Steve
Mlodinow, Gene Rutherford, and Luke Pheneger reported m Barrow’s Goldeneye
and American White Pelican; Mlodinow also reported 1st cyc Mew Gull.
---On February 18 at Barefoot Lakes, Gene Rutherford reported Mew Gull.
---On February 21 at Shelterbelt at CR 90 and CR 57, Danny Montalvo
reported 30 Mountain Bluebirds.

---On February 18 at Stalker Lake, David Dowell reported Trumpeter Swan.

DFO Field Trips:
The DFO Field Trip for Saturday, February 24 will be to Sloan’s Lake led by
Jackie King (jackie.king At; 720-381-3314)  Directions:  Meet on
the north side of Solan’s Lake near the boat house just south of W 25th Ave
at Wolff.  Lunch is optional.  Register online or contact leader.

The DFO Field Trip for Saturday, February 24 will be Front Range Owling led
by David Suddjian (dsuddjian AT; 831-713-8659).  This trip is

The DFO Field Trip for Sunday, February 25 will be to Fort Collins
Grandview Cemetery led by Gregg Goodrich (GreggGoodrich AT;
303-665-9135).  This trip is full

The DFO Field Trip for Sunday, February 25 will be Boulder County:  From
the Mountains to the Plains led by Paula Hansley (plhansley AT;
720-890-2628).  Directions:  Meet at 0800 at Cinnebarre Theaters parking
lot off Dillon Rd in Louisville.  Take McCaslin Blvd exit from Hwy 36
(Boulder Turnpike) to the north; go left at first traffic light at Dillon
Rd, take first left and follow little road into a large parking lot for
Cinebarre Theaters.  Meet on west side.    Carpool.  Check out feeders
including Mtn Research Station and Allenspark.  Will work way back to
plains.  Bring lunch, water (and/or warm Beverage), warm clothes, including
gloves and hat.  Register online or contact leader.

Good Birding,
Joyce Takamine

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