The unusual "silver" red fox seen recently, and my post to this forum showing 
its picture, has brought something to a head.  I have received both good and 
bad feedback.  First of all, I did not discover this individual.  It has been 
around and is known to many, including the CPW personnel at the Moose Visitor 
Center.  The bad feedback involves how giving out the whereabouts of a creature 
like this, as we have seen with particularly charismatic birds like Snowy Owls, 
could lead to over pursuit by photographers, or worse, interest by poachers.  
That was certainly NOT my intent and I am now wishing I had not shared the 
photo.  My bad.  Hopefully nothing happens that harms the animal or irritates 
the Moose Visitor Center personnel.  To the extent we birders have control over 
these two things, let's use our heads better than I did in posting the picture. 
 Nothing we can do about the people who monitor our sites and intentionally or 
unintentionally cause harm to individual creatures, habitats or neighbor 
relations.  We can, however, report transgressions if and when we see them.

Dave Leatherman

Fort Collins

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