Greetings All, 

Kenny Frisch, a Utah birder, was the first to confirm (with photographs of a 
male) the occurrence of California Quail in CO. It was at the Dinosaur National 
Monument, Canyon Area Visitor Center, just north of US 40 a few miles west of 
the town of Dinosaur, Moffat County over the weekend. 

Probably, all (or at least most) sightings of "Gambel's Quail" from Moffat 
County pertain to this species which - in Utah - occurs pretty much to the CO 
border near Dinosaur. Quail have been found at Browns NWR headquarter feeders, 
feeders in the town of Dinosaur, Deer Lodge Park, and Irish Canyon (the latter 
well documented by Andrew Spencer from a number of years ago)

Kathy Mihm-Dunning, David Dowell and I have each made trips over several years 
to this area without success, so many congratulations to Kenny.

Good Lucky and Good Birding
Steven Mlodinow, Longmont CO

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