This afternoon, approximately 2 pm, while walking the path to Beaver Ponds, on 
the eastside  of the wetlands, a sparrow popped out from the adjacent shubs, 
about 20 yards away and perched in the interior of the shrub. The throat of the 
sparrow was clean white. Side of the throat was thin darkish stripe, (lateral 
throat stripe). Adjacent to that stripe was a clean white malar stripe. The 
head appeared a neutral brown tone  with what I thought included some grayish 
tones. The tail was longish and was occasionally flicked up and down. I kept 
waiting a second, more confirming look, but that never happened, consequently 
this unusual  sighting for Cherry Creek Res. should be a listed as possible, 
maybe others will also see this sparrow or even better snap a convincing photo.

Bob Righter
Denver, CO   

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