The only counties with CBRC accepted records of Anna's Hummingbirds, if you
are wondering, are:
Alamosa (one)
Boulder (two)
Delta (one)
Douglas (one)
Jefferson (two)
La Plata (one)
Larimer (two)
Mesa (two)
Pueblo (two)
this equals 14.

I know the 2015 record of one in Las Animas County, still hasn't been voted
in/accepted yet.  I think most of these birds, weren't adult males (mostly
females, immature birds).  I know one in Pueblo County was adult male, the
1st one, and the Las Animas County bird was as well.  The first state
record was in 1974 in Pueblo County, and the last one accepted was 2013 (so
far).  Very shocking to have an "invasion" of two Anna's Hummingbirds in
Colorado today!  I guess I better get a hummingbird feeder out, since I
haven't seen one in Pueblo County yet.  Two of the state records of
Broad-billed Hummingbirds, have also occurred this time of year!  Watch
your hummingbird feeders closely, never know what might show up.

Brandon Percival
Pueblo West, CO

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