I'd like to also thank Alison Sheets for the gracious opening of her yard 
to many birders including myself to see a special bird species and to be 
able to meet new and interesting birders and to also see some familiar 
faces.  She's a value to the birding community!  (Was there in the morning 
and also a return visit around 4 pm).

Frank Farrell
Morrison, Jefferson County, CO

On Friday, April 13, 2018 at 4:52:57 PM UTC-6, Eric DeFonso wrote:
> Hi folks,
> The Anna's in Eldorado Canyon - the male - continues to be seen by a 
> number of birders as of around 4pm today. I know there were several 
> successful sightings from this morning, but the bird seemed to go AWOL for 
> maybe about 5 hours until reappearing this afternoon.
> Thanks to Alison Sheets for graciously allowing all of us to occupy her 
> beautifully landscaped backyard with so many great foothills species of 
> birds to keep us interested while the star of the show was out doing 
> errands.
> -------
> Eric DeFonso
> Coal Creek Canyon, Jefferson County, CO (at exactly 8,000' ASL)

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