The Colorado Springs Lucy's Warbler entertained lots of people today.
Great find by David Tonnessen yesterday!  This species breeds in
southwestern Colorado, though is extremely rare in eastern Colorado in the
spring.  The two others I've seen was one at Valco Ponds in Pueblo, seen
13-15 April 2003 and Chico Basin Ranch Banding Station, 20 April 2012.  I
think the only other East slope sightings are from Lamar Community College,
Eaton Cemetery, Salida, and an older sighting from Pueblo.  Those are the
only ones I remember in recent times, am I forgetting any.  If you got to
see this bird, you should be very excited, even though it is the dullest of
all warblers.  You likely won't see too many in eastern Colorado!

Brandon K. Percival
Pueblo West, CO

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