Hi all, 

Today, my brother and I birded Dillon Reservoir and a few other spots 
around Summit County with much success. Stopping at the Blue River Inlet, 
we found *Killdeer,* a flyover *American Pipit*, and a slightly early 
Sparrow* along the river. Soda Creek Inlet didn't yield much of note, but 
the Angler Lakes and North Pond Park Area produced three *Cinnamon Teal*, 
three *Western Grebes *and a probable Clark's, and a male *Barrow's 
Goldeneye*. An *American Dipper* was singing along the river as well. At 
the gravel ponds along Highway 9, there was  a *Greater Yellowlegs, *
several *Green-winged Teal, *nesting *Bald Eagles*, and a *Belted 
Kingfisher. *A small flock of *Brown-capped *and *Gray-crowned Rosy Finch *were 
visiting the feeders at Wildernest, along with other mountain species. At 
the Frisco Marina, there was a male *Wood Duck *and two more *Ospreys. *Just 
outside of Frisco was an unexpected *Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay*! A *White-throated 
Sparrow *and a couple *Lincoln's Sparrows* were in the vicinity of a 
private feeding station last evening as well. On our way out, we stopped at 
the top of Loveland Pass. This paid off with decent looks at 5 *White-tailed 
Ptarmagin. *Overall, a great day for birds. 

Happy birding, 

Ryan Bushong
Louisville, CO

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