Date: August 11, 2018 
Compiler: Cheryl Teuton
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This is the Rare Bird Alert for Saturday, August 11 sponsored by Denver
Field Ornithologists and the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. Note that the
RBA is using the new AOU checklist.
Rare and out of range species for the last seven days include: (*indicates
new information on this species)

Black Rail (Alamosa)

Piping Plover (SEDGWICK)

TRICOLORED HERON (Arapahoe, Kiowa)


Gray Flycatcher (Broomfield)

Black Phoebe (*Douglas)
BAIRD'S SPARROW (Larimer, Weld)

Golden-winged Warbler (Chaffee)



---On August 6, Bill Harris and Jon Horn reported a Black Rail at Alamosa
National Wildlife Refuge (this bird is rare for this county). The bird was
seen from the Bluff Overlook picnic shelter, looking to the north-northwest.



---On August 6 Frank and Nancy Hatch reported a TRICOLORED HERON at a pond
at the corner of Havana and Alameda. The bird was seen at 8:50, but not on a
return trip at 12:30.  Lowry wetlands would be closest appropriate nearby
habitat for anyone trying to re-find the bird.



---On August 7, Matt Hofeditz reported a Gray Flycatcher at W 134th place in
Broomfield County (this bird is rare for this county).

---On August 4, Jack Harlan reported a male Golden-Winged Warbler in
Fairview Cemetery near Salida (this bird is rare for this county). The bird
was seen in the northern/western part of the cemetery, in willows/poplars
and was about 40-50 feet up in the canopy.


-On August 8 Glenn Walbek reported a Black Phoebe at Chatfield SP, near the
end of the sand spit.  On August 10, Logan Kahle reported a Black Phoebe at
Chatfield SP  at Plum Creek delta (39.5403782, -105.0529352)(this bird is
rare for this county)
---On August 4 Steve Mlodinow reported a female MOTTLED DUCK at Neegronda
Reservoir, seen from the upper boat launch at the end of Kiowa Co Rd C
(where it hits the east side). Reported to be the same bird first seen by
Steve and Tony Leukering on July 22. On August 5, the MOTTLED DUCK was last
seen by Cici and Suke Lee at about 3:30. The MOTTLED DUCK was reported on
August 6 by John Drummond and others, initially along the shore north of the
upper boat ramp, later in the northeast corner of the reservoir. This is
only the second state record. 

---On August 4, Steve Mlodinow reported a LESSER NIGHTHAWK (male) at Upper
Queens/Neeskah reservoir, which flushed from the ground in tamarisk along
the northwest side of the reservoir. 

---On August 4, Steve Mlodinow reported 2 NEOTROPICAL CORMORANTS (one adult,
one subadult) at the pond near the southeast corner of Neenoshee reservoir.
On August 9, John Drummond and three others reported the birds at the same
location, with the adult feeding the immature bird.

---On August 6, John Drummond and others reported a flyover TRICOLORED HERON
at Neegronda Reservoir. The bird was seen heading south.
---On July 17 through 24 at Soapstone Prairie NA Andy Bankert reported 5
BAIRD'S SPARROWS. Andy observed nestlings, representing the first documented
breeding record of this species in Colorado! This exciting news was released
by Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. On July 24 in Meadow Pasture at
Soapstone, Andy found 3 singing males and an adult feeding 3 young. On
August 3, David Chernak reported 9 BAIRD'S SPARROWS (4 singing) at Soapstone
Prairie Natural Area.  On August 6, Andy Bankert reported 4 BAIRD'S SPARROWS
(which were not banded) at Soapstone Natural Area. 

---On August 4, Kathy Mihm-Dunning reported 2 ZONE-TAILED HAWKS (1 adult and
1 second year) on Higbee Road, near the location where Vogel Canyon comes in
to the road. There is a bridge at this location which is fairly well marked
on Google maps.  The birds were last seen heading north with some Turkey



---ON August 6, David Dowell reported a Piping Plover (rare for this county)
at Jumbo Reservoir (in the Sedgwick County portion of the reservoir).


---On August 3, David Chernack reported two sets of BAIRD'S SPARROWS in
Carr, with 10 near I-25 and WCR 126, and 3 near WCR 17 and WCR124. On August
6, Christoph Moning and Julia Wittman reported 3 BAIRD'S SPARROWS in Carr
near 1-25 and WCR 126 (40.899, -104.931).
DFO Field Trips August 11-19- See DFO website for more information: 

Catamount Trail (Green Mountain Trail to Catamount Reservoir)
Saturday, August 11
5:15AM-1:00 PM.

Chris Gilbert ( <> <
<>> or 804.214.1508)


Denver City Park

Saturday August 11


Patrick O'Driscoll ( <> <
<>> or 303-885-6955)


Cherry Creek State Park Wetlands Loop 

Sunday August 12


Mary Cay Burger ( <> <
<>> or 720-940-8394) 


Colorado Eastern Prairie
Monday, August 13

David Suddjian ( <> <
<>> or 831-713-8659)


Lair 'o the Bear Park 

Wednesday, August 15


Diane Roberts ( <>  mailto:
<> <> or 720-278-9025)


Northeastern Colorado

Saturday & Sunday, August 18-19


Chuck Hundertmark and Paul Slingsby (
<> , ph 303-604-0531 or
<> , or ph 720-347-5169)


Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space

Saturday August 18


This trip is full, a waitlist is available.

Cynthia Madsen and David Hill (
<> , ph 303-770-6534 or
<> , ph 303-870-4316)


Plainview Road/Wondervu/and parts of Gilpin County

Sunday August 19


This trip is full, a waitlist is available.

Colleen Nunn & Mary Fran O'Connor (
<> , ph 303-520-7496 or
<> , ph 303-770-7740)
Good Birding,
Cheryl Teuton, Aurora
(303) 745-2346 





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