On 3/17/21 11:32 PM, Julia Lawall wrote:

On Wed, 17 Mar 2021, Denis Efremov wrote:


I'm trying to write the check to detect the absence of commit
in kernel. The pattern can be:

@err exists@
identifier namlen, dchild, dparent, exp;
position p;
statement S;

compose_entry_fh(..., int namlen, ...)
        if (namlen == 2) {
*               dchild =@p dget_parent(dparent);
                ... when != dparent == exp->ex_path.dentry

add when forall here.  There does exist a path that does not contain the
dparent == exp->ex_path.dentry test.  That is the path that takesthe first
goto out.

This solved the problem, thanks!
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