On Wed, May 26, 2021 at 10:13 PM Markus Elfring <markus.elfr...@web.de> wrote:
> > This patchset adds a feature to enable Coccinelle
> > to only check all those files in a directory which were
> > modified. It parses all the files obtained from the
> > output of "git diff" and checks them against the specified
> > cocci script.
> >
> > An example for passing the "use-patchdiff" option is:
> How do you think about to use the parameter name “use-files-from-diff”?

I would prefer something shorter, like "use-filesdiff" but I am okay
with either name as
long as the maintainers are okay with it. :)

Julia, what do you think?  I will send a v2 with any of the above name options
(and/or any other changes that are suggested.)


> Regards,
> Markus
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