Hello Mark,

Mark Reynolds [2018-03-07 10:05 -0500]:
> [1]  The first one appears to be a permissions issue.  So I am trying to
> watch a file that the Cockpit user does have immediate permissions to,

I suppose you mean does *not* have permissions to?

>         var logfile =
> cockpit.file("/var/log/dirsrv/slapd-localhost/errors");
>         //var logfile = cockpit.file("/tmp/errors");

If you need this to run with root privs, use

  cockpit.file("/path", { superuser: "require" })

or maybe "try" instead of "require", depending on how you want to handle errors
for non-root users. See the cockpit.file options in

> [2]  What I want to do is the equivalent of "tailing" a log file, and I
> would like to use Cockpit's file watching functionality to do this. 
> However, when the log file changes the entire file content is returned. 
> Our log files can grow up to 100mb.  Is there a way to only return the
> last N lines of a file when it changes without loading the entire
> content into memory?

We don't have seek in the API, so for that I'd recommend to only use the file
watching and using cockpit.spawn to run `tail /log/file` instead.

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