I want to retrieve the path to the currently played file in iTunes. I thought scripting bridge would be the perfect tool for this, however i've run into some problem. I have this code:

iTunesApplication *iTunes = [[SBApplication alloc] initWithBundleIdentifier:@"com.apple.iTunes"];
iTunesTrack *currentTrack = [iTunes currentTrack];
if ([currentTrack isKindOfClass:[iTunesFileTrack class]]) {

The problem is, that the class of the object returned is _always_ iTunesTrack, and not iTunesFileTrack, as i expect it to be. If i run the following applescript code:

tell application "iTunes" to current track

I get a "file track", which makes it possible to fetch the path using the "location" attribute. If I, in the ObjC example, try [currentTrack location], I'm told that it doesn't respond to that selector. I have made certain that the object is of class iTunesTrack by typing 'po [currentTrack class]' in gdb.

Very thankful for help!

Hannes Petri_______________________________________________

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