Hello List,

I have an NSCollectionView set up with bindings to visualize an NSMutableArray. When I call arrayController:setContent: the view (which initially doesn't have a content assigned) displays the items. So far so good. The problems are these:

If there are two many items for one page to display, the vertical scroller appears. However, it's not the correct size. It's displayed as if all items would fit into the view (all but an imaginary 10 pixel row). It doesn't get the correct size until after the view is resized. Is there some way to force the view to recalculate it's scroll bar sizes? Or could this be caused by how the content is assigned (I'm using an array controller)?

The second problem is when the view is resized (due to window resizing or any other reason). When the collection view is scrolled down with some item in the middle of the collection selected (so the scrollbar is not on it's topmost position), the resize causes the collection display to jump to the first item row. This problem can be observed in the Apple supplied IconCollection demo. Is there a way to prevent that?

Thanks for any input!

I'm using Xcode 3.0 on 10.5.2

Markus Spoettl

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