On 15 Sep 2016, at 2:54 PM, Kyle Sluder <k...@ksluder.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 14, 2016, at 07:50 PM, Shane Stanley wrote:
>> Under 10.12 GM, I'm seeing entries like this in Console:
>> NSToolbarItem (<NSToolbarItem: 0x618000138060>) had to adjust the size of
>> <NSButton: 0x618000144c50> from {38, 25} to the expected size of {40,
>> 27}. Make sure that this toolbar item view has a valid frame/min/max
>> size. This is an app bug, please do not file a bug against AppKit or
>> NSToolbar! Break on _NSToolbarAdjustedBorderedControlSizeBreakpoint
>> I'm seeing it in a couple of apps -- one using a standard nib approach,
>> and one generating the toolbar fully in code. 
>> In the nib one, the toolbar has buttons on the toolbar items, and IB
>> won't even allow any size other than 25px deep. I've tried fiddling with
>> the toolbar item sizes, to no avail. I added the suggested breakpoint,
>> but I don't see it break. If the message weren't so adamant, I'd be
>> inclined to question it.
>> Anyone else seen it, or have suggestions?
> What’s your app’s deployment target? What’s the deployment target of
> your nib (listed in the file inspector while the nib is open for
> editing)?

I checked under the latest(?) GM, and it's still showing "Deployment 

For anyone seeing the same thing, the solution seems to be to change the max 
size of the toolbar items to the unexpected "expected" size. I thought I'd 
already tried this without success, until I realized what was happening: I had 
edited the values, then closed the toolbar editor in IB. I've now realised that 
the changes were not being saved; when I reopened the toolbar editor, the old 
values were still showing. Running once with the toolbar editor open seems to 
have made the changes 'take". (And yes, I tried cleaning at various stages.)

Along the way I discovered another problem in Xcode 8: setting a button to 
image-only in IB still shows any title if there is one.

Shane Stanley <sstan...@myriad-com.com.au>
<www.macosxautomation.com/applescript/apps/>, <latenightsw.com>


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