Before I go reinventing the wheel to try to code around this...

Is there any way I can set up a "live" NSFetchRequest in a Core Data model, so that is matches against the predicate change (for example, predicate filters on a field, the value of that field changes such that an object suddenly matches that did not before, or no longer matches when it previously did), I can get some sort of notification of the change - or even that there /was/ a change?


* The predicate is being created by the user using an NSPredicateEditor and I am allowing a large selection of fields.

* The data set could grow to include several thousand objects (maybe tens/hundreds of thousands in some cases)

* I am using the result set in "real time" in some cases and need to know almost immediately when a change takes place - not a good thing to be rerunning the query multiple times per second if I don't know that a change happened - and changes to some of the attributes could be happening multiple times per second in some cases.

* Some of the attributes are calculated from other attributes, but I am updating them in such a way that bindings fire.

* MacOS X, not iDevices


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