For reference, I have a sample project location at

It is a Document Based and Storyboard application.

On my main window, I have a toolbar with an Toolbar Item called 'Inspector'. I 
have defined a segue between this item and my Inspector Utility Panel called 
"Show Inspector". When I press the Inspector toolbar item, the utility panel 
does show as expected. I can close the panel by pushing the standard window 
close button.

What I would like to do is trigger my "Show Inspector" segue when I push the 
"Show Panel" button. I have tried the code:

    @IBAction func showMyPanel( _ sender: AnyObject )
        NSLog( "How do I show the panel?" )
        self.performSegue( withIdentifier: "Show Inspector", sender: self )
While I do see the log message 'How do I..', my utility panel is not shown.

How can I get this work?

Here is an image that shows the basic setup in Interface Builder.


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