I'm trying to create a title bar resembling Xcode's, where toolbar-like
controls replace the standard window title in the area to the right of the
standard 3 buttons.

So far, I've added a title bar accessory view and set the window's
titleVisibility to hidden. But the results aren't quite right.

If my accessory view uses the default layoutAttribute value of .bottom,
then my accessory view appears below the standard window controls as if it
were a toolbar.

If I set the layoutAttribute to .right, then the accessory view appears up
in place of the title where I want it, except the title bar isn't tall
enough and the bottom gets cut off. Also, the accessory view is pinned to
the right, and doesn't resize horizontally with the window (as it does with
.bottom). Similarly with .left.

So how to I get my title bar accessory view to:
- Appear to the right of the standard window buttons
- Always fill the remaining width of the title bar
- Get enough vertical space

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