> On Sep 21, 2016, at 10:00 AM, Quincey Morris 
> <quinceymor...@rivergatesoftware.com> wrote:
> On Sep 21, 2016, at 09:20 , Dave <d...@looktowindward.com> wrote:
>> The time consuming method I am calling is in a third party library and it 
>> must be called in the main thread. 
> You cannot update UI on a background thread, so if the library method is 
> blocking the main thread you’re out of luck. The only solution is to get the 
> library author to write proper code.
> If the library method is running on the main thread and calling back to a 
> block of your code (which sounds like the case), then it’s safe execute code 
> that issues UI updates, but you likely won’t see the results until later, 
> after your app returns to the main event loop.
> If a time-consuming operation *is* running on a background thread, it can 
> dispatch_async a block to the main thread to update the UI, but then you must 
> consider thread safety, if the update is referencing data that’s still being 
> modified as the background thread continues to run.

As Quincy accurately describes, it is well documented you can’t do any UI 
updates on anything other than the main queue/thread. 


Which is why your 3rd-party library has this requirement and why CALayer is 
complaining. So, your UI update needs to be called on the main queue as well.

Sandor’s suggestion to put your UI update code on a block that’s executed 
sometime later on the main queue SHOULD work as it just delays your code until 
the queue finishes it’s currently executing tasks. The symptoms you mention 
sound like a classic deadlock problem. That is, a code block running on the 
main queue schedules another code block on the main queue, but the original 
block never completes thus causing the app to hang or the new task never runs. 
It could well be that there is a bug in the library you’re using that causes it 
to block the main queue. But it’s probably good to make sure your code is doing 
the right thing. Perhaps there’s another issue that’s causing the problems you 
see. Maybe you could provide some code for the case where you use the 
dispatch_async technique below to accomplish your task and when you don’t and, 
what happens in each case.

Doug Hill

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