> On Sep 21, 2016, at 17:01 , Graham Cox <graham....@bigpond.com> wrote:
>> This should be: if([(NSString*)context 
>> isEqualToString:@“mediaLibraryLoaded”])…
> Actually, this is not a good idea either, because *other* observations — ones 
> you don’t control — might use a value that’s not an object, or not even a 
> valid pointer.

Looking over a couple of open-source implementations of Foundation (cocotron 
<https://github.com/PureDarwin/PureFoundation/blob/master/NSString.m>), the 
first check done in both isEqual: & isEqualToString: is a pointer == check.  

So yes, isEqualToString: could cause issues here so isEqual: is the most 
sure-fire solution (IMHO)— it shouldn't be any less performant than 
isEqualToString: and only marginally less performant than a == (due to 
objc_msgSend overhead).

— Slipp

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