I find that I am in need of dealing with versions of strings that may be turned into file names, and thus I need to be comparing normalised forms. However, according to https://developer.apple.com/library/content/qa/qa1173/_index.html, "For example, HFS Plus (Mac OS Extended) uses a variant of Normal Form D in which U+2000 through U+2FFF, U+F900 through U+FAFF, and U+2F800 through U+2FAFF are not decomposed (this avoids problems with round trip conversions from old Mac text encodings)."

Is there a way to get at this variant? [NSString decomposedStringWithCanonicalMapping] returns "A string made by normalizing the string’s contents using the Unicode Normalization Form D." That seems not to give what I need, but I haven't seen a better option. Is there such a method?

John Brownie
In Finland on furlough from SIL Papua New Guinea

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