On Sep 22, 2016, at 12:34 , Kyle Sluder <k...@ksluder.com> wrote:
> -close asks the window’s delegate (via -windowShouldClose:) if it should
> close. If the window is owned by a window controller that’s associated
> with a document, the document will also get a chance to weigh in via
> -shouldCloseWindowController:…. It will also send
> NSWindowWillCloseNotification.
> -orderOut: just hides the window (removes it from the window list). You
> can always order it back in again later.

Yes, but ignore for a moment the “shouldClose…” interaction, and assume the 
window is NOT set to release on close. What *else* does “close” do vs. 

The example app mentioned in this thread demonstrates that “close” has some 
other effect beyond what “orderOut” does. In particular, a “single”-mode 
storyboard segue re-uses an ordered-out window, but not a closed one.


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