On 23 Sep. 2016, at 1:17 pm, Kyle Sluder <k...@ksluder.com> wrote:
> -close used to render windows more thoroughly dead

So can we assume that the close button generally calls -close?

On a tangent here...

In Safari, it used to be that if a script asked for the app's windows, 
-orderedWindows would return a list of open windows. Under Sierra, however, the 
list returned can include windows that have been closed via the close box -- 
you might have closed them half-an-hour ago. They show with a visible property 
of false, but by setting it to true they reappear -- no Web contents, but the 
URL, title, etc all intact. And the only way to close them is again via script 
-- their close buttons do nothing.

It's probably just a bug, although DTS don't seem to think so, but these 
windows seem surprisingly resistant to death.

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