On Oct 17, 2016, at 21:16 , Alan Snyder <applemail832...@cbfiddle.com> wrote:
> In IB, when the IB window is inactive, the buttons display in a grayed out 
> fashion. In the actual application, when the application window is inactive, 
> the button displays do not change.
> What might be causing this difference in rendering?

Keep in mind that buttons have *two* kinds of graying these days. One indicates 
that the button is disabled. The other indicates that the button is in an 
inactive window and does not accept mouse clicks until the window has first 
been made active (thus preventing an inadvertent click on a non-front window’s 

Typically, buttons in inactive windows *do* accept mouse clicks, and retain 
their ungrayed appearance, which is why the appearance doesn’t change when one 
of your windows is inactive. Buttons in IB are really just graphic elements 
(clicking them selects them rather than performing an IBAction), so IB gets to 
draw them in inactive windows however it wants. Perhaps it’s intentionally 
indicating there’s no click-through behavior in this case, or perhaps it’s just 
a quirk of IB that it draws things grayed out.


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