> On 19 Oct 2016, at 02:00,Jerome Krinock <je...@ieee.org>:
>> On 2016 Oct 14, at 23:08, Gerriet M. Denkmann <g...@mdenkmann.de> wrote:
>> My app (macOS 12) observes a value in NSUserDefaults.  Starting with macOS 
>> 12 observeValueForKeyPath:… is called at the start of the program, although 
>> nothing has changed yet.  When the value actually changes, it is called 
>> twice.
> I just added some code to one of my apps, to test this.  It confirmed your 
> observations, although I only tested in 10.12.
>> Also: NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew or NSKeyValueObservingOptionOld just 
>> return NSNull instead of old or new values.
> That only happens during that first spurious call, when the observer is added.

Happens for me all the time. Never seen anything other than NSNull.

Current work-around: just ignore every second notification (i.e. ginore 1., 
3rd, 5th etc.).
Not a very good solution, rather bound to break sooner or later. But okay for 
the time being.

>>  If indeed this behavior is new in 10.12, it certainly warrants a Bug Report.

Ok, will do so.

Kind regards,



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