> On Jan 13, 2017, at 6:39 AM, Daryle Walker <dary...@mac.com> wrote:
> If my data model supports KVC/KVO, it seems like I should be able to bind my 
> views to my data directly via Cocoa Bindings, without using NSArrayController 
> or NSObjectController or the like. What advantage do those classes give me?
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What does NSArrayController do? A heck of a lot:

- Automatic propagation of an NSTableView without your having to implement a 
data source.

- Automatic handling of sorting. So, if you click on a table header, that 
column is sorted for you without your having to worry about it. This is fairly 
sophisticated, as well; If you had column A selected before you clicked on 
column B, it will remember that, so two items that have an identical value for 
column B will get sorted according to their values in column A.

- Automatic selection management. So, you can bind a UI element to the array 
controller’s selected object, and that UI element’s content will change as the 
array controller’s selection changes. Pretty handy for implementing something 
like Mail.app’s UI where selecting a different e-mail message in the left-hand 
pane updates the right-hand pane with the contents of that message.



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