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I dunno. I always though of the attributes as something extensible, but I guess they’re not really. (They can’t be, in NSAttributedString is an interchange format between apps.) Looking at the documented list, I would be worried about NSTextAttachment, which isn’t even documented as conforming to NSSecureCoding. Those NSAccessibility… keys don’t look too safe either.

I'm not sure where the NSAccessibility… keys are defined, I looked at NSAttributedString.h they are not there. Anyway...

The saga isn't over yet, I found a workaround for the problem for classes that are not NSSecureCoding compliant:

First I sub-class the offending class, implementing the NSSecureCoding protocol, +supportsSecureCoding and -initWithCoder:. Since it is impossible to safely invoke the non-secure -initWithCoder: version of the class itself, I use a suitable other designated initializer when calling super.

Then I set up the class as substitution for the original in the NSKeyedUnarchiver using -setClass:forClassName:.

Finally I add it to the list of acceptable classes when decoding the attributed 

Works fine for NSShadow, NSTextAttachment and NSCursor.

Of course this looses the attributes real values, but those I don't care about 

I haven't encountered a cursor attribute yet, though.

Markus Spoettl

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