I’ve tried something like the code below to save a file not owned by current user.

I have codesigned the application using hardened runtime and the `com.apple.developer.security.privileged-file-operations` entitlement (although this is outside App Store and no sandboxing).

It doesn’t work and I see this error in the console: `(libsystem_secinit.dylib) com.apple.secinitd.fileoperations: xpc_pipe_routine() returned [5: Input/output error]`

Does anyone know if, when, or how it is supposed to work?

[NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace requestAuthorizationOfType:NSWorkspaceAuthorizationTypeReplaceFile completionHandler:^(NSWorkspaceAuthorization* authorization, NSError* error){
       if(authorization) {
if([[NSFileManager fileManagerWithAuthorization:authorization] replaceItemAtURL:originalURL withItemAtURL:tempURL backupItemName:nil options:0 resultingItemURL:nil error:&error]) {

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