Hello Al!                              
                            Summary: It looks like [NSManagedObjectContext 
executeFetchRequest:error:] starts to evaluate a predicate ([NSPredicate 
evaluateWithObject:]) with objects that was not requested and was not fetched 
from a database.                              
                            Our application makes prefetching of CoreData 
entities with relationships like                              
NSFetchRequest* requestRelatedTags = [[[          NSFetchRequest           
alloc]           init]           autorelease];                        
[requestRelatedTags setEntity        : [        NSEntityDescription         
entityForName        :         kFSIValueElementA         inManagedObjectContext 
       : [ md managedObjectContext        ]] ];        [requestRelatedTags      
   setFetchLimit:         1000000 ];                NSPredicate * predicate = [ 
       NSPredicate         predicateWithFormat:         @"(self IN %@)",[items  
       valueForKey:        @"objectID"]];        [requestRelatedTags         
[requestRelatedTags setRelationshipKeyPathsForPrefetching        : [        
NSArray         arrayWithObjects        :        @"tags"        ,        nil    
    ]];        [requestRelatedTags         setReturnsObjectsAsFaults:        
true];                items0_ = [[md managedObjectC
ontext        ] executeFetchRequest        : requestRelatedTags error        :  
       nil        ];                    
            where "items" is an array of 100 NSManagedObjects, "tags" is 
to-many relationship of the kFSIValueElementA entity with inverse to-one 
            At start this code works quickly and takes fixed amount of time 
(0.03-0.04 sec) every time. But at some point it starts to work very slowly 
taking more and more time. Instruments shows that it fetches 100 objects every 
time from a database. But Shark shows that it uses [NSPredicate 
evaluateWithObject:] more and more times. To be precise, it invokes 
[NSPredicate evaluateWithObject:] 100 times more every time. [NSPredicate 
evaluateWithObject:] is invoked every time from [NSManagedObjectContext 
executeFetchRequest: error:].              
            We added logging to [NSPredicate evaluateWithObject:] and we see 
that it is evaluated on objets that was not requested by the fetch request and 
was not fetched from the SQLite database. Thus this is a bug in 
[NSManagedObjectContext executeFetchRequest:error:]. It should not filter 
objects that was not.              
            Does anybody have any ideas how to solve this problem?              
            Best Regards,      Oleksiy Gorelov      

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