Hi folks,

I'm currently performing some load tests on the following configuration
cocoon 2.0.4
resin 2.1.9
SUN JDK 1.4.003
Linux (RH 9)

After 5-10 minutes, I got the following "well known" RuntimeException :
The sitemap is null.
I've seen on the cocoon-dev archive that a bug report has been recently
posted about this, but I just would like to know :
- if this bug is planned to be fixed in the 2.0.4 or in the 2.1 ?
- if there are some workaround to avoid this problem ? Any hint (change
JVM, system, servlet engine) ?

IIRC, this was a problem related to the compiled sitemap engine. Have you tried with the intrepreted engine (search for <sitemap> in cocoon.xconf) ?


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