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Just a reminder that I will be giving my "Building Cocoon Applications" class July 14-17 in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. This is a four-day crash course in everything you need to know to build Cocoon-based applications. We cover sitemap logs, XSPs, logicsheets, actions, portals, authentication mechanisms, performance, administration, development & deployment techniques, custom components, Lucene and many other topics.

I also have a class "Cocoon 2.1 Intensive", August 4-6. From the course description: "This course is designed first to give participants with previous Cocoon experience an overview of the new concepts and features of Cocoon 2.1, but then, more importantly, to provide then with practical and concrete principles for using this new functionality in building web applications. In particular, we will cover the 2.1 portal framework, authentication framework, flow control, modular actions, form handling, web syndication and SOAP services. The emphasis of this course is less on using all the features, and more on making effective and intelligent use of certain features in creating robust applications. Since this is an intensive course, lab time will dominate the sessions, as we take a hands-on approach to learning Cocoon 2.1."

More information on these and other courses can be found at the Galatea IS Inc. training page, http://www.galatea.com/training.

For those of you who don't know, I am one of the authors of the Cocoon Developer's Handbook, published by SAMS last December.




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