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well I'm using Trac in at the moment at its really nice but it has in my
idea one really big disadvantage which is its privileges system. What do
I mean? You cannot give users the e.g. anonymous ones the possibility to
report and edit a bug/feature request, but avoid anonymous in the same
time to change the status of a bug. Misuse like we have seen on the wiki
~ will follow. Besides this issue I like trac. JIRA has one more
advantage as I can see from now in the idea that it links cvs/subversion
commit to a issue, trac does it the other way round.

One more disadvantage of trac is that if you have multiple different
projects in one svn-repository you cannot configure trac only to show
project1 or project2.

I like trac and before using any other bugtracking I'd go with it but
one day I'll write my own ;-)


Matt Sergeant schrieb:
| On 27 Apr 2005, at 10:30, Tom Schindl wrote:
|> Now there would be a perfect point to move AxKit into such a Bug/Feature
|> tracking system. Bugs could be scheduled, ... .
| I've talked to Dirk about the possibility of us using Trac, which seems
| to integrate lots of project management features very nicely. We'd
| probably have to get that setup ourselves, but it looks pretty easy to do.
| Matt.
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