Title: RE: Cocoon for CD-Rom based applications?

Hi Stavros,
Thanks for your response,

>> I used JDK, Jetty and Cocoon some time ago on CD. Works perfectly. You can also use
>> HypersonicSQL as SQL-DB, it has a read-only mode.

I haven't looked at HypersonicSQL - yet - but I did spend a little time browsing the Jetty site yesterday.  It definately looks very promising.  I also found some references to using EmbeddedTomcat so that tomcat could be embedded within another application - which could make sense as well.   

>> The problem is the performance. As Java uses a lot of small files the startup takes a
>> while and the cd-rom works permanently.
>> I think the best way is to say the users: To boost performance just copy the files to
>> HD and start it from there....

I agree in principal, that is why I mentioned that moving the program files to the hard-drive generally becomes a more important requirement than the "you are not allowed to install software on the client" requirement.  The issue of licensing is still a concern that we will need to investigate.


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