On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 11:00, Carmona Perez, David wrote:
> Thanks,
> Maybe this is the cause, as my Unix system has no X windows.
> But I wonder why some files are processed ok and others don't, or why can I do it 
> from the command line.

i'm not sure if you're running into the same problem i was. in my case,
i solved it by removing the batik-xx.jar & fop-xx.jar that came with
cocoon and downloaded the latest binaries from FOP ( i actually did if
from source but it would have the same effect). then copied these files
into the cocoon/WEB-INF/lib directory:

batik-awt-util.jar    batik-dom.jar         batik-parser.jar     
batik-svggen.jar      batik-util.jar
batik-bridge.jar      batik-ext.jar         batik-script.jar     
batik-swing.jar       batik-xml.jar
batik-css.jar         batik-gvt.jar         batik-svg-dom.jar    

and of course the fop.jar from the FOP distribution.

the reason for this is (i think) is api mismatch between fop and batik.
especially in the 'inline-foreign-object: svg' part.


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