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> Wishful/hopeful thinking:
> -------------------------
> something like this would be optimal:
> Generators:        A          B          C        
>                    |          |          |        
>                    -----------------------        
>                               |                   
> Aggregation:                  D                   
>                               |
> Transformation:               E ----------------- tee* --          
>                               |                          |
>                    --------------------------            |
>                    |        |        |      |            |
> Formatting:       rtf      xsl      pdf    html**        |
>                                                          |
>                                                          |     
>                                      formatted as a png/jpg/svg and
>                                      stored in cocoon cache using a
>                                      unique key** for the subsiquent 
>                                      request
> *) tee as in make a copy and pass one copy to the html 
> formatting step.
> and another to the image formatting step.
> **) the key would be predetermined so that the src element in the html
> would know which image url to put in. and another pipeline would deal
> with requests for images keyed off this way.

I'd say Read/WriteDOMSessionTransformer is your missing tee-piece.


In the HTML pipeline, you copy the data into the session context with
WriteDOM and pick it up again in the GIF pipeline with ReadDOM.

HTH, Alfred.

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