Using Cocoon 2.03

I try to pass request paramaters directly to stylessheets configuring
the Trax-Transformer like
<map:transformer name="xslt"

In most of the cases this works well. However when I use an input field
with a submit button like

<form action="searchSail{$sessionId}" method="post">
 <input name="SearchString" />
<input type="image" height="16" width="90" src="{$imagepath}/submit.gif"

the request parameter "SearchString" seems to be only passed to the
following stylesheet, when the user clicks the submit-button.
When he submits the form by hitting Return while the input-field has
still the focus
the request parameter is NOT passed to following stylesheet (however I
can evaluate in an action).

Any ideas?

Many thanks,


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70563 Stuttgart

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