I have a really strange problem when using svg inside the <object> tag.
When I don't use cocoon to serve the following page everything is fine and I get
an alert, but when cocoon serves the page the _javascript_ fails at getSVGDocument
(or getSvgDocument).
Here is my simple html page :
  function initSvg(id) {
   var svg = document.getElementById(id);
   var svgDoc = svg.getSVGDocument();
<body >
 <object type="image/svg+xml" id="svg1"
  width="100%" height="100%">
Here is a snippet from my sitemap :
   <map:match pattern="*.htm">
    <map:read src="" mime-type="text/html"/>
   <map:match pattern="*.svgz">
    <map:read src="" mime-type="image/svg+xml"/>
This problem does not occurr when I use the <embed> tag - but I prefer
to use <object> so that I can display a jpeg if the SVG plugin is not
I have tried using cocoon 2.04 and 2.1m2 with the same results.
Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance,
Rob Gregory

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