Hi all.
I have written my own transformer, that gets in an XML file as a parameter.
If I declare the parameter in the transformers bit:
<map:transformer name="xsl5complete" src="">
    <parameter name="xsl5" value="xsl5new.xml"/>
and then call it in the pipeline:
<map:transform type="xsl5complete"/>
it works fine.
But I wnat to pass the XMLfile name dynamically, and not when I declare the transformer, e.g.,
I want something like:
<map:transformer name="xsl5complete" src=""/>
<map:transform type="xsl5complete">
    <parameter name="xsl5" value="xsl5new.xml"/>
But this doesn't work.
How can I pass a dynamic parameter to my transformer, and what am I doing wrong here?
Thank you very much for your help.

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