On 23.Jun.2003 -- 05:28 PM, Yan, Charlene wrote:
> I'm using Cocoon2.1M2.  I tried to run sample at
> http://localhost:8080/cocoon/samples/mail/sendmail/new.html.  It
> failed.  I didn't get any emails sent.  The mailing archive indicated
> to me that mail.jar and activation.jar should be in
> $tomcat/Webapps/WEB-INF/lib.  So I copied those two jars to the dir.


> I also tested my local SMTP server using another java web appication
> which has mailhost as localhost and the email was sent successfully.


> I restarted tomcat and the mail sample still didn't work.  I tried all
> three: sendMail, sendMailAction and logicsheet.  I also set the
> log-level to debug for sitemap in logkit.xconf file (see below) 


> <category log-level="DEBUG" name="sitemap">
>       <log-target id-ref="sitemap"/>
>       <log-target id-ref="error"/>
>     </category>
> It did not give me much useful info (see below).

Actually, the crucial part would be before the snippet you provided.

> Do I have to rebuild Cocoon if I want to run sendMail sample?  Are there any ways to 
> detect why it is not working?

No, no need to rebuild Cocoon. 

Which page is shown as result?

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