On 25.Jun.2003 -- 04:12 PM, Tony Edwards wrote:
> Hi all,
> I checked out the sendmail item on wiki and tried to mail the results of a
> pipeline serialized as PDF.
> I followed the wiki instructions to the letter.
> The mail worked alright, but the PDF file was attached as uuencoded text (at
> least that's what it looked like). I have obviously overlooked something.
> Should I be using <util:get-source/> as specified or something different?
> I noticed in the 2.1 sendmail logicsheet that there's a
> <sendmail:attachment/> tag which specifies a mime-type parameter, but the
> project I'm working on is in good old 2.0.4.
> Any clues?

The sendmail stuff in 2.1 is a complete overhaul, the 2.0 version does
not support attachments :-( You might be able to backport the relevant
classes, though. I believe there are not many dependencies to other
parts but since the sources bits in avalon have changed, it's not just
copy & paste.

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