Hey all,

I want to achieve the following with cocoon, but I'm getting lost in the
documentation / examples / terminology so I could use a good steer in the
right direction.

I want to build a web app that uses SOAP to communicate with a "back-end",
and I want to populate a web-app with the data as I move between screens.
Think of my app as a multi-page form, that does a lot of validation with the
back-end. I guess it's similar to a DB driven app, except I want to use soap
to communicate with the data layer.

So, my question is, what'a  good way to approach this kind of task? Can
anyone outline in broad strokes how I'd accomplish this using cocoon? I'm
confused by logic sheets, XSP, xscript, generators, where to control the
flow of the web app - argh! :)

many thanks,
p.s. can you CC me on replies as I'm subscribed to the digest.

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