On 26.Jun.2003 -- 10:12 AM, Bruno PIERRE wrote:
> Thanks,
> It was already in my favorites, but it is not clear.
> i don't know how to list all the table, all the column of a table with their
> type (in SQL).

Most DBMS have special tables for the meta data. I don't know how
hsqldb does it. Anyway, I would suggest to go the jdbc route and use
the metadata api to query the dbms. Have a look at
java.sql.Connection#getMetaData() and friends for a start.

In addition, you could try to leverage
org.hsqldb.util.DatabaseManager. It contains code to read all the meta
data from the database. I've not looked at the exact code but I
believe it will provide good insight into using the meta data api of
jdbc and which parts are supported by hsqldb.

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