Hi - 

I'm looking for a solution for a form handling problem. I'm beginner to cocoon 
and would appreciate 
any hint.

I extract an xml fragment like the following from a relational database. The 
structure is 
not static.

        <id />
        <title />
        <description />

I would like to present the user a html form with checkboxes for each element 
in the structure. The generation of this form via xslt is easy and no problem.
To make the form elements (checkboxes) unique, I use 
   <xsl:number level="multiple"...
to name the checkbox fields.

The problematic part for me is the form submission. I would like to get an xml 

<asset read="true">
        <id read="false" />
        <title read="true" />
        <description read="true" />
        <keywords read="true">
                <keyword read="true">
                        <id read="false"/>
                        <word read="true" />

with the attribute values set according to the checkboxes. I would like to 
write this 
XML fragment as a blob back to the database.

How could this be accomplished with cocoon in a generic way - the 
are dynamic and may change. 
Writing an action with a DOM tree of the structure seems not very effective to 
Writing a custom transformer which fills in the form values to the source 
seems to be one solution, but how could I store the complete XML fragment in 
the database 
when using a SAXTransformer.
Is there a more elegant solution?

Tanks - regards -

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