I'm looking for an approach to an enhancement I need to make.

I have made an XSP that receives a parameter, calls three stored
procedures in a Sybase database, and outputs XML, which is then tranformed
by stylesheets.

In this design, the parameter is always passed in to the XSP, and it is
used the same way in each of the three SQL calls.

I'd like to change this so that if the parameter is either not given, or
is some default value, the key parameter will then by returned by the
first stored procedure call instead.  Then this parameter would be used in
the next two calls.

In other words, currently it's like this:

"exec sp1 765"
output XML
"exec sp2 765"
output XML
"exec sp3 765"
output XML

I'd like to support an alternative:

"exec sp1 0"
new non-zero value for P1 returned
output XML
"exec sp2 $P1"
output XML
"exec sp3 $P1"
output XML

How can I construct the second two calls using a result returned from the
first call?  Is this best done in the sitemap somehow?  Ideas?


Jeff Sexton
The ODS Companies

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