At 09:36 AM 6/27/2003, you wrote:

I think you misunderstood my mail, I *DON'T* have a copy of
xmlParserAPIs.jar in the tomcat common/endorsed directory.

Ah, sorry - I thought the situation was reversed.

However I just found the problem, inspired by some info from the link
you mention.  The problem was that the start menu items for
starting/stoping tomcat didn't use the startup or shutdown scripts and
hence java.endorsed.dirs wasn't being set and therefore the incorrect
jars were being referenced.

Ok, let me make sure I understand this one: so you installed tomcat on windows and when using the windows icons installed for starting and stopping tomcat, you find that they don't set the endorsed dir in the same way as the shell script? That would be a useful thing to keep in mind and may well be unintentional on their part. If that's the case, it would be worth submitting a bug and patch to them to see if they want to correct that for future releases?


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