Hi guys,

I was wondering what the best way is to validate request parameters. I have a few questions:

1.) What is the best way to validate the *existence* of all expected request params (both for simple queries and for posting form data)?

By this, I mean I'd ideally like to notify the client if any request param wasn't sent. I was thinking I could write a dedicated action to do this validation before another action extracts/formats the values.

2.) Do you think it is even a good practice to take the time/effort/cpu power to validate that all expected request params were sent and notify the client if they were not?

Otherwise, my action that extracts/formats the values would just end up throwing things like NullPointerExceptions, NumberFormatExceptions, etc. when it tries to extract/format the values. This doesn't seem very elegant at all to me, even if I do wrap them in ProcessingExceptions before throwing them.

One other reason I don't want to throw these seemingly odd and random exceptions is because they'll just give a stack trace that says my code failed on Line XXX. On my team we have another development group that is working on buiding the actual XHTML webpages and making sure they work with the backend. So these sorts of exceptions and stack traces won't help them at all to figure out what went wrong. If I notify them they forgot a param, they can say "Oh , I forgot to pass the XYZ param--that's why it's failing" and fix their XHTML code in short order.

I'm interested to hear all of your thoughts!



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