This is an extract from "request_attributes.xsl", a logicsheet which is
called by "some_page.xsp"

<xsl:template match="request-attributes:get/webaction">
    <xsl:variable name="webaction-value"><xsp-request:get-parameter
    <xsl:if test="contains($webaction-value, 'add_to_favourites_session')
and contains('add_to_favourites_session', $webaction-value)">
            <esql:query>INSERT INTO FavouritesBasketSession(SessionID,
URL) VALUES('<xsp-session:get-id/>', '<xsp-request:get-attribute
    </xsl:if> </xsl:template>

When I access "some_page.xsp?webaction=add_to_favourites_session", the
template is executed: the <xsl:variable> is created, but what is inside
the <xsl:if> *isn't* executed, which suggests that there is a problem with
the <xsl:variable>. For information, displaying the variable's content
with <xsl:copy-of> works (it correctly displays
'add_to_favourites_session'), but with <xsl:value-of> it doesn't display

The questions:
- Why doesn't it work?
- I'm a Cocoon newbie, so if you have any comments on my code (how to
write it better), I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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