On 28 Jun 2003 at 14:51, Upayavira wrote:

>Ah. So your file on disc is compressed svg. Okay, so you need to uncompress
it into
>XML and pass that into the SVG2JPG serializer. There's two ways to do that,
>with a zip generator (I think there's an example of one in the Langham &
>Cocoon book), or using the Jar protocol (see
>Both should extract your zipped SVG ready for converting to JPG.

Thanks again for you reply.

I've tried using the jar protocol, but it does not accept the 'svgz' file as
valid zip archive. I guess this is because there is no physical file to
i.e jar:http//localhost/xyz.svg!???

Even Winzip will not open it.

I haven't tried the zip generator yet because I haven't found any
and someone has borrowed my Cocoon book !!



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