hi there,
    I want to display an SVG image along side the web page content on
the users browser(user has Adobe SVG Viewer3.0 installed ) by putting
the SVG document within my XSP page.
        As long as  my pipeline displays the svg as png raster image
using the SVG2PNG serializer,it works fine.But the associated image
properties such as Zoom-In or Zoom-out are lost. For the user to keep
using these properties through IE,i want to pass the raw SVG content to
the users browser which then will handle the responsibility of
displaying the SVG .
My xsp documents looks something like this:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<xsp:page language="java" xmlns:xsp="http://apache.org/xsp";>
                <title>Test SVG Page</title>
     <s1 title="SVG Image">
           <p>You can use the mouse right click event to Zoom-In 
                   or Zoom-Out  
                 <img src="batikFX.svg"/>

Currently my sitemap pipeline looks like this:
   <map:match pattern="*.svg">
           <map:generate src="resources/svg/{1}.svg"/>
            <map:serialize type="svg2png"/>

  What is the bext possible way to go about these? Can anyone help me
out on these?    


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