hullo all,

we're running a cocoon site in multiple places. each of the developers has their own 
local tomcat/cocoon install, plus we have the production server.

trouble is, the production server has a slightly different environment. URIs have to 
be a little different:

development: http://localhost:8080/ems/emslinks/foo
production: http://server/cocoon/ems/emslinks/foo

the sitemap has to reflect this, so:

<map:match pattern="emslinks/*">
 <map:generate type="html" src="emslinks/{1}.html"/>

<map:match pattern="ems/emslinks/*">
 <map:generate type="html" src="emslinks/{1}.html"/>
so i have to maintain two sitemap files, which is incredibly error-prone. my question 
is this: is there some way i can parameterize the matching from, say, an environment 
variable? say:
<map:match pattern="{$fnord}/emslinks/*">

or am i completely barking up the wrong tree, and should apply my efforts to making 
the URIs the same for the development machines?

thanks for the help,


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